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Purple and Gold is in Our Veins


Purple and gold runs through quite a few of our stunners’ veins. We enjoy putting those Tiger roots to good use by helping one of LSU’s most important organizations, The LSU Alumni Association.

Infographic for the LSU Alumni Association.

The LSUAA is one of STUN’s oldest clients, partnering with us on their creative needs since we opened our doors in 2004. In the beginning, LSUAA hired STUN to design and add a creative light to the LSU Alumni Magazine. Since then, LSUAA has trusted STUN to take on event design, collateral design, web design and development, advertising, social media, branding and more.

We’re still churning out the LSU Alumni Magazine four times each year, and it’s still one of our favorite projects. We have designed over 60 issues of the magazine since 2004. The Magazine highlights success stories from distinguished alumni, chapter events, alumni news, and impressive university accomplishments. We are granted artistic license to interpret these reports in a visual way that makes the stories memorable and engaging. Creating covers that grab readers’ attention is an important challenge, and we always deliver. Our goal is to create a visual so compelling that it forces the reader to pick up the magazine to read more.

Working with the LSUAA is akin to serving as the association’s in-house creative department. We work with several members of the staff on an on-going basis. To achieve the high-quality results we deliver, creative collaboration with the client is a must. We are thankful that the LSUAA has put so much trust in us, and we always look forward to propelling the association’s goals by illustrating our purple and gold spirit. Geaux Tigers!